Giving Your Dog a Pet-icure


Some dogs can remain calm when facing down a pair of nail clippers, but those dogs are few and far between. Most dogs cannot stand getting their nails done, no matter how fabulous they look after. Nobody likes the idea of hurting their pup, so having anxiety about giving a nail trim is a natural feeling. Thankfully, there are options for wary owners. At the end of the day, it is important your pet have a healthy, functional nail length.

You can try it the old-fashioned way with a sturdy pair of nail clippers. These can be purchased almost anywhere from local pet stores or can be delivered right to your door through They operate like sideways scissors, and chop through the nail when you squeeze inward. It is important when you choose to use nail clippers that you pay attention to where your dogs nerve endings are. Black nails easily hide the nerve endings and, if you trim too close, you can cause your dog to experience pain and possibly bleed. If used correctly, they are an easy inexpensive way to keep nails short.

The new guy on the nail trimming block is the nail grinder. The head of a nail grinder acts similarly to sand paper and gradually grinds down on the nail instead of chopping it off like a clipper does. Think of nail grinders functionality as being similar to that of a nail file. This can allow you to better avoid nerve endings by giving more length options. It also allows you to judge your dogs comfort level as you create shorter nails. These are becoming a more popular nail trim option for dog parents than the traditional clippers.

Another way you can do it, is to treat your dog to a day at the spa! Most groomers and veterinary offices are happy to trim your pet’s nails for you. This is without a doubt the easiest way to get it done, as you don’t have to watch your beloved squirm. Plus, vets in particular, know the best way to restrain an anxious pup along with the proper nail length to prevent any nerve damage. This is, however, significantly more costly. Just one trip to the groomer can cost more than a nice pair of nail clippers. If it saves everyone heartache, however, it might just be worth it to you.

If you want to finish off your pups chic new look, there are safe dog nail polish pens for retail. What’s cuter than your little guy with hot pink nails?  If you can think of it, has it for you (in green, orange, pink and purple). Make nail trims a fun bonding activity, not something both you and your dog dread.

It’s up to you how you choose to give a pet-icure, but just remember there are options. Whether you clip, grind or book a trip to the vet, nail trims don’t always have to cause stress to your pet.