Take Your Dog on an Adventure


            There are tons of really neat things you can do with your pup besides going to the park and back. Sometimes, it is important for dogs to have a change of scenery and to get out to be a part of your world. Being home is comfortable and soothing for dogs, but who doesn’t want to mix it up sometimes? Here are some doggy adventure ideas:

Outside Seating Restaurants: You should always give restaurants a call before showing up with an animal, but if they offer outside seating there is a good chance they won’t mind if your dog tags along. Some of them will even provide water dishes and treats. Plus, during specific hours a lot of restaurants have live music for you and your pup to enjoy together. The possibilities are limitless if you spend a few minutes planning before heading out the door.

Home Depot: If you’re going to pick up some small pieces that won’t interfere with you holding a leash, Home Depot allows you to bring your dog along. The employees absolutely love when they have furry friends visit, and many of them keep a box of treats at their stations. Even if your particular Home Depot has a sign indicating dogs are not allowed inside, corporate policy overrides that by always welcoming dogs. You’d be surprised how many contractors are pushing carts with a chihuahua sitting inside.

The Trails: Hike a mountain with your good boy or girl. This one may not be as exciting as eating or DIY-ing, but it provides great exercise, a big change of scenery, and a chance for your dog to feel their wild side. Some hiking trails even pass by waterways for your pup to splash around in, or little nooks and crannies for them to explore. Plus, nothing is more relaxing than when they fall asleep on the car ride home, content after spending a long afternoon in the woods with you.

Drive-Thru: Places like Starbucks and Dunkin offer little treats for animals. Starbucks makes a mean Puppacino, and Dunkin often gives out slices of breakfast meats like ham. Banks even offer milk bones sometimes. Plus, it’s fun to go out and show off your best friend. What’s so bad about them getting a treat while you do it?

Take a minute to look up more dog-friendly spots near you. There are usually quite a few local joints and outdoor areas that would love to have you and your pup as visitors. Nothing forms memories quite like a good old-fashioned outing!