How to Avoid Generic Dog Names


Getting a new dog is an amazing experience that adds lots of positive change to your life. You’re getting a new family member, and like every person in your family, your dog has to have a name. Some people may want to call their pup something more common name like Bella, Rocky, Max, Spot, Rex, Penny, Goldie, or Kona. We’ll bet you’ve met at least one dog with one of those names. Each dog is unique, and they should have an equally unique name, and here are four methods of thinking of that name.

1. Name the dog after a food/drink

We get that there are generic food and drink names, like Kona after the coffee, Bailey after the Irish cream, or Coco. Maybe you could name then after a lesser-known food, such as stromboli or cardamom. To make your dog name cuter, you could even name it after a dessert. Tell us that a Pomeranian named Eclair, a Corgi named Pumpkin Loaf, or a mixed breed named Trifle or Ambrosia wouldn’t be the cutest thing ever. If you’re not too keen on naming your dog after an object, no worries, there are other ways to be original.

2. Name them After a fictional character

Fictional characters can have generic names too, but plenty of them do not. A way to avoid overused dog names is to use a fictional character with a name that doesn’t sound human, or one with a name that sounds human but is super unique. I once met a black lab named Batman, and I have met no other pets with the same name. You could also use a character’s last name. If you’re okay with naming your dog something that doesn’t sound even remotely human but is still not typical, try naming them after a Pokemon. Sometimes real names can be even more unusual than fictional ones.

3. …or after a real person

Lots of people have uncommon names, and lots of them belong to historical figures and celebrities. I met a yellow lab named Louis Vuitton and a black lab named Ghirardelli. No other puppy dogs I’ve met have those names. Like a fictional person, you could use just their last names. Also, you could use a celebrity’s stage name (ex. Lady GaGa, Diplo, BenDelaCreme). You could use your favorite person’s name or a name from your favorite language.

4. Name the pupper a word in another language

My aunt and uncle used to have a cat named Gato, the Spanish word for cat. I bet y’all can do better. An example of better I’ve seen was in my childhood friend’s dog, Chibi. She was a small breed, as evidenced in the Japanese word chibi, which a word used to describe something short. When you pick a foreign name, you can choose an adjective or even an object like a food.

Dogs are a common pet, but that doesn’t mean they have to have common names. Our dogs are full of personality, and their names should be too, However, we at BullyFamBam love all dogs, no matter how generic their names are.