Pros and Cons to Sharing the Bed with Your Dog


There are many schools of thought as to whether or not your dogs should be allowed to sleep in your bed with you. And although there are many pros and cons to it, it all boils down to your personal preference. If you want your dog in your bed with you at the end of the day than let’em up. If you’d prefer them to have their own space then it might be time to invest in a doggy bed. If you’re still on the fence about it, however, feel free to read on further and learn more about the most popular pros and cons.

The biggest positive of having your dog sleep with you, and the most recognized, is the companionship it provides. At the end of a long day, there is nothing like filling your bed with a loving, warm, fluffy puppy. It helps many people fall asleep faster and have a more quality rest each night. That isn’t the only pro to letting your dog on your bed during the night, however. An often-overlooked reason is for your dog’s safety. Some dogs cannot be left alone. In those instances, rather than crating them, many dog parents will bring them into their bed. This can prevent unwanted chewing, accidents, and unnecessary dangers to the dogs. Plus, everyone ends up warm and happy.

The most spoken negative of letting your dog up onto the bed is for behavioral reasons. Bed privileges have been linked to territorialism and aggression in some dogs if not properly managed. It also asserts your dominance over them throughout the day, which may lead to better behavior in all circumstances- not just in your bedroom. Another common negative to allowing your dog to sleep with you is for general cleanliness and hygiene. Your dog gets dirtier than you, and, most likely, does not bathe as frequently as you do. For this reason, many dog parents choose to keep their sleeping areas separate from their dogs. It can help limit your contact with gunk and grime your pup might have picked up in the front yard.

In the end, it is all up to you. There is definitely no right or wrong answer- no matter what your parents taught you growing up. It is entirely your and (maybe, possibly,) your dogs choice as to where they sleep. Not all dogs want to sleep in your bed! Make up your mind and present the option if you wish but remember to respect their choice as well. The two of you will come to an excellent arrangement in no time if you just work on it.