Best 3 Doggy Hair Dyes


Dog’s look amazing the way they are, but haven’t you ever wondered how they would if they were an unnatural color, like hot pink, green, of purple? Well, there are many products out there that will sate that curiosity in a way that causes no harm to the dog. Lots of dog-friendly hair dyes are available in both online and in-person retailers, and here are three trustworthy brands. 


1. Top Performance says that Top Performance pet dye lives up to its name. Top Performance is a gel-based product that comes in several non-toxic colors, including gold. Who doesn’t want a golden pupper? Using Top Performance’s veggie-based dye is an intuitive process is most effective when the dog is wet. The dye does not show up as well with dark-colored or wiry coats and usually comes out after about six washes. To be safe, try dying one area of the dog’s coat before coloring all their fur. If it works well and looks good (which it probably will, we’re sure your dog is cute enough to pull off all colors), then color the whole dog. loves this dye, but it isn’t the only one they recommend. 


2. Opawz

This is another non-toxic gel dye. Like Top Performance, it lasts about six washes depending on the dog and the amount used and should be tested in a section of their fur before using it everywhere. There are fifteen colors like Bubble Gum Pink, Dahlia purple, and pumpkin orange for your little pumpkin. Opawz says that the dye works best on white-haired dogs. The squeeze tube makes for easy application since you can use the container to aim at the area you want to color. If you guys want your other animals to be colorful, Opwaz is safe for horses and cats. If you need something easier to apply than a tube, then the next option is for you. 


3. Petperi Professional loves these because they come in many colors and in pen form. You can just color in the area you want and even make your dog or cat a rainbow. The application is super simple, and the dye only lasts a couple of washes, which is good for if you want the new hairdo to be a one-time thing. These dyes are non-toxic and keep their moisture for a long time, which means lots of doggy coloring. says to be careful of your dog’s eyes when using Petperi; even if it’s non-toxic it may still hurt if it gets in your fur baby’s eye. Also, it works better on soft fur. 

Dogs are beautiful the way they are, but it’s fun to experiment with their fur. Lucky for artistic dog owners, there are plenty of ways to make your dog stand out. If you don’t like the result or want to try other colors, the dye will fade after some washes and you can start again. Have any of you guys dyed your dog’s fur? Tell us about it in the comments!