A Reason for Your Dog’s Sneezin’


Dog sneezes are pretty cute, but sometimes they act as a warning sign. Just as sneezing isn’t the biggest deal with humans, if it’s persistent and painful, you should get it checked out. Although sneezes can be a symptom of a bigger problem, sometimes they’re no big deal at all. 

Nasal mites

Nasal mites are exactly what they sound like, but grosser. They are small bugs that get into your dog’s nose. The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) states that the mites are transferred by contact and that Milbemycin oxime is a good treatment. If you see any signs of nasal mites, see your vet. Signs including, coughing, reverse sneezing, snot, and sneezing. If you want to be grossed out, Google pictures of nasal mites in dogs. You have been warned. Looking up the next sneezing cause isn’t a great idea either.

Nasal tumors

Nasal tumors are easier to spot than mites, and the symptoms are similar. As you may know, a tumor is a bump, but it may not always be detectable. The University of Florida states that symptom of nose tumors include:

  • Nasal discharge

  • Bleeding from one or both nostrils

  • Facial deformity

  • Neurologic signs

To catch a tumor early, schedule regular vet checkups and be observant of your dog’s behavior. Since tumors can be a sign of cancer, have your vet look at the tumor right away if you can see it with the naked eye. Radiation therapy may stop the progression of cancer or you could have it surgically removed if your vet approves. However, your dog may not be sneezing because they’re sick.


Your dog might be sneezing because they’re happy to see you! The Bullyfambam fam believes that being sneezed on by your furry family member is the best. Happy sneezes and snorts are music to our ears. Dogopedia says that dogs sneeze when they get excited, whether it’s because their human is with them, they’re going on a trip, or because they have another dog friend nearby. Sometimes your puppy dog may sneeze because of something in your house.

The vacuum

Dogs are scared of the vacuum for a reason! As hilarious as it is to see a big dog run from the vacuum, the fear isn’t arbitrary, It makes them sneezy. Dogopedia also says vacuums are a sneeze source because they stir up dust into the air which causes a reaction. If your dog is terrified of the vacuum, it may be because their nose can’t handle it. Let your dog go to another room while you clean the area o that they’re not overwhelmed. 

As adorable as your pupper sneezes are, they start getting concerning once they are accompanied by other symptoms or when they are a result of bugs. When you hear your dog sneeze, be mindful of the circumstances. If they happen out of nowhere and produce nasal discharge, get them checked out. However, if they only happen when you just come home from work or school, then those are harmless love sneezes.