Weird Dog Facts 1


Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and getting through these uncertain days the best you can!

I was thinking about dogs (of course) and was wondering what are the weirdest things that I could find out them. I found a good amount of facts to share and I might even make it a weekly or bi-weekly article to share (if you find it interesting).

Ok, here is the weirdness that I found:

I was reflecting about the summers (like everyone else probably) that I was able to spend in a pool and how much it is for not only humans but for animals too. Then, I remembered how much dogs love to just hop in a pool and have the time of their lives. But, it also made me “do all dogs know how to swim?”

Apparently, not all Bulldogs can swim, or should swim because of their smushed faces. With their smushed faces sometimes come with breathing problems for them. Evidence of such breathing problems can be related to the ones who snore and/or snort. Since they have short snouts, they have to try harder to stay afloat in the water, and then have more difficulty staying afloat and breathing. This stems from their small or short nasal passages and leads to other breathing problems for them. So, make sure to give your water buddy floaties to give him or her extra protection in the water. Just to be careful.

Another thing that I always thought about was “do dogs understand time?” Apparently… they do. They are even aware enough to know the difference from a couple of minutes to an hour.  You can even train them to the point that they can predict when their next walk or bathroom time will happen. Crazy, right?!

Seeing-eye dogs have always been fascinating to me. The intelligence and the intuition that they show is just amazing to me. Even though they are cute animals, they are so much more than that. They are some of the most helpful animals on the planet. They can be trained to do amazing things like going to the bathroom on command. This is a huge help to the visually-impaired and makes picking up after them easier. I also never really thought about it but, they are mostly Golden Retrievers, but I could’ve sworn that I usually see German Shepards. The last fact, during World War 1, the need for seeing-eye dogs exploded from the fact that so many veterans were blinded and needed them once they returned home from war.

The last thing that I looked up was “what is the world’s oldest dog breed?” This is something that I was dead wrong about lol. For some reason, I thought the oldest breed was a Golden Retriever ( I don’t know why lol). All of the lists that I saw didn’t come up once lol. Apparently, a breed called the Akita Inu. Their official origin isn’t known but they can be traced back to 8,000 B.C. I can’t believe that dogs could be traced back that far!

I hope that these facts are as interesting to you as they were to me. Be well, everyone!

Until next time!

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