Big Dogs or Small Dogs…?


Big dogs or little dogs or maybe medium?

Hello friends, It has been awhile since I shared a post (my apologizes), but I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. So, while I was away I was thinking about a very “serious” question… Big dogs or little dogs, which one do I want?

I have always wanted a big dog to come home to. Something like a Mastiff or maybe a Great Dane. Those dogs just seem like giant puppies, that give you so much love. Whenever, I would visit friends who had dogs like these, they just seemed like the perfect companions. They would always be at door waiting to greet their human as soon as they stepped to the door. Plus, they would try to hug and sit with them as soon as they were ready to sit down. It was so awesome to watch and I always wanted a dogs like that of my own.

Besides, them being incredibly loving and cute all of time, they are tremendously loyal. Protecting you and your family is their main objective it seems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby or Grandparents, they will make sure that you all are ok. You have to love that. While, I wouldn’t want them to be scary to anyone in my neighborhood, it would be nice to have “guard” dog to protect the house (even though I know he would be a big baby lol).

Then, a couple of years ago, I was watching a TV show and completely fell in love with Bulldogs. These guys just seems like the best to me. Plus, they look like very outgoing and adventurous dogs. So, they could be great for walks, hikes, and even sports. I always see YouTube videos of them skateboarding, it makes me want one to learn how to skateboard, just in case I ever get one.

Also, they seem like insanely cute puppies. Fussy, but awesome lol. They have such great personalities and definitely seem to become a family member, a family member who lounges around and eats all day, but a family member nonetheless, lol.

But, other small dogs are so scary to me lol. Like, anyone that is considered an ankle biter, they seem way too angry to me. Those dogs just have to big of attitudes for me and I really don’t want to be “ordered” around by my pet, lol.

I guess, I’m still too picky, and undecided about what type of dog that I would want for my first dog. While I would love an Golden Retriever, Mastiff, or Bulldog, I wouldn’t be able to choose between all of them, lol. I guess, I could just get all three… we’ll see.

Until next time! #bullyfambam