What to Do When You Can’t Give Your Dog Tables Scraps


If you have a dog, then you know the struggle of seeing their begging eyes stare at you during a meal. Maybe they don’t just give you puppy eyes, maybe they paw at you, put their head in your lap, or even whine. We get it, dog, you’re cute, which makes you hard to say no to. However, sometimes we have to say no for the dog’s health, but here are somethings dog owners can do instead of indulging your dog’s craving. 

1. Limit table scraps

Like we said, it’s hard to say no, and sometimes we can’t resist. We don’t always have to say no, but this is either a way to ease yourself into saying no all the time or at least saying it more often. Getting rid of table scraps entirely may not even be necessary depending on your dog’s needs. This may still encourage begging, but fewer scraps means less weight gain and other negative reactions. Dogs can’t eat most people food, but there are plenty of options if your dog has dietary restrictions. 

2. Give dog treats/kibble instead

Lots of people food is bad for dogs (and people, let’s be real), so why not give your dogs food formulated for them? There are all sorts of dog treats you can give your greedy pupper. If you want to be super healthy, look into all natural dog treats. If your dog enjoys his regular food, you could give pieces of that during mealtimes. Also, make your dog’s mealtimes at the same time as yours so that they can be distracted for at least some of your meal with their own food. As fun as it is to give table scraps, we understand that dogs can’t always have extra food. 

3. Give scritches 

Dogs may not be able to have any people food for whatever reasons, like their weight or allergies. It’s hard to give the dogs nothing, but you don’t have to give them food that’s not good for them. When your dog has his head in your lap, it’s hard to not acknowledge it, so maybe you can scratch your dog behind the ears or give belly rubs. It may not satisfy their food craving, but when I do this, it at least makes me feel better about not haring my dinner (not implying anyone should feel guilty for saying no to their dog).

4. Play after a meal

Scritches may not be enough, but you can bond with your dog through other ways than food. You can play a rowsing game of fetch after you eat and your dog will get some enjoyable exercise. Your dog will stil get something, but it won’t be your meal.

We love our dogs, and it’s sad we can’t give them everything they want. However, we withhold things for their own good or because we like eating our full meal for a change. We can’t always give our dogs food, but we can always give them love.

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