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Little Dogs Vs. Big Dogs: Which One is Right For You?


Dogs are the perfect companions no matter if they’re big or small, however lifestyle preferences should definitely come into play when deciding what size dog you would like to get. Although having any dog seems pretty standard, there is actually a lot of factors to consider when owning a little dog versus owning a big dog. Some primary issues can be centered around things like your financial situation, your day-to-day activities, and even where you live. Here are some facts comparing what its like to own dogs of different sizes.

In terms of being a jet setter, it is definitely easier to have a small dog. Various airlines have constricting rules regarding weight limits for your dog. Taking your dog on the plane can be a big convenience if you’re someone who likes to travel. In that case you don’t have to find a sitter, or going through the stress of leaving your dog behind. Some people prefer to keep their furry friends with them even on trips, and we can assume your dog would rather come along with you than be left out from all the fun!

If you are someone who is the outdoorsy type, or just loves exercise in general, then having a big dog would fit more with your lifestyle. They are generally go with the flow type of companions, and will have a lot more endurance on a long walk or run. They even enjoy hiking and other countless sports that their owner may like doing. A big dog makes for a great workout partner, while little dogs may tire out pretty quickly when doing rigorous activity.

When thinking about where you live, certain home types favor little dogs, and others favor big dogs. If you live in an apartment it is known to be easier having a small dog. This is because they fit much better into a small structured home due to having less space to run around, and going to the bathroom on a wee-wee pad is much easier for the little guys. On the other hand, if you live in a house or any place with a larger surface area, big dogs do great in those environments. Big dogs live more fittingly when they have some grass to prance about, and they also can be watch dogs. They do a solid job of protecting your house from intruders. While little dogs are known for barking up a storm and disturbing neighbors when living in close quarters such as an apartment or a condo.

Technically, you shouldn’t necessarily take on the responsibility of owning a pup if you aren’t financially stable, however owning a small dog may save you some money. As facts show, of course owning a little Chihuahua will cost significantly less than a husky or a lab. You are saving up mostly on food since little dogs tend to be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food. This is definitely something to consider if it seems like it could be an issue in the future. #bullyfambam #dogblog @bullyfambam